Replacing Steering Rack Gaiter Joint Splitter

Some(red: ball joint splitters) are just a "forked wedge" which you slide in between the two parts to separate and hit with a big hammer. It ALWAYS works (if you hit hard enough) but can split the rubber joint gaiter.
The other types use a screw to apply pressure to the end of the joint thread. You can leave the nut on the end of the thread to prevent the pressure from distorting the end of the thread (and preventing you screwing the nut on when you've finished).
You are unlikely to get the joint apart by just hitting the end with a hammer. If you do, you will almost certainly damage the end of the thread and be unable to get the securing nut screwed back on, so ball joint splitter is the tool for the job. (There are three types I've seen in shops, and I think I'm right in saying that they are all suitable for the Herald track rod end.)

Chris Taylor, 28-Mar-2006, 06:09pm on TSSC

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