Changing Rear Half Shaft Ujs Without Removing The Shaft

When changing UJ's on rear half shaft, I know most people take the whole thing out, but you can change them out without removing the shaft!
This is how I did it… jack up the car, remove the circlips, drill a hole in the back of outer bearing cup, now you need to have a tap & die set for this, use at least a 4 mm hole. Tap a thread into it & screw in a suitable bolt. As you wind in in, it pulls the outer bearing cup out of the shaft.
Once all 4 are out, just wiggle the joint around. The center part of UJ will fall out (if you remove the 4 bolts connecting to center of axle.)

-Richard from Spitfire/GT6 Magazine

The tika tika tika sound coming from your rear end is your u-joints. The u-joint itself, bearing-wise, might be fine. What happens is the circlips holding the bearing caps can have as little as 0.003" clearance under the clip, allowing the X of the u-joint to slip sideways as it rotates.
It's the sound of the cap hitting the circlip.
I've cut up out 'coins' from old Coke cans and inserted them under the circlips as spacers…no more tika tika tika.

-Paul from Spitfire/GT6 Magazine

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