About Tyres

Chris Taylor, 14-Aug-2006, 05:21pm on TSSC

You can fit 145 x 13 radials with no problem to the 3.5" wheels of a Herald. They are slightly smaller in diameter than the 5.20 x 13 crossplies originally fitted. You can fit 155 x 13 radials but they will be slightly "bunched up" on 3.5" rims and you may find they wear the centre of the tread faster than the outside and MAY "let go" slightly more suddenly "on the limit" although I never found that in over 30000miles on exactly that tyre and wheel combination.
If you have 4.5" rims from a later Spitfire, 2 litre Vitesse or Herald estate, then you can fit 155 section radials with no problems at all, and I would recommend that size.
Tyre pressures are a bit of a personal taste, but I seem to recall settling on 24/26 front/rear with 155x13 on my Herald.

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