How you can add pictures to Triumph Herald Tips & Tricks
Basically all pictures on this site comes from Flickr. A photo-sharing website.
For example all pictures on Flickr which are tagged 948convtt are shown in the Models & Specifications section - like this:

So literally anyone who tag a picture 948convtt will have the photo enrolled on Triumph Herald Tips & Tricks.
I appreciate the risk of faulty pictures. I.e. if someone tag a picture of a goat e.g. with "948convtt" the result would be very confusing.
I reckon that to be unlikely.
In any case it's an easy way to provide user added content. Furthermore neither site owner or site user have to edit code when doing so.
It is now very easy for the Triumph Herald world wide community to share photos this way.
So here are the Flickr tags used on Triumph Herald Tips & Tricks. Look for tags with tt in the end.

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