How you can add LINKs to Triumph Herald Tips & Tricks
LINKs are added pretty much the same way as pictures but using a LINK-sharing and -organising service called
It's an easy way to provide user added content. Furthermore neither site owner or site user have to edit code when doing so.
However in contrary to Flickr's pictures's LINKs are private.
What this means is, that one have to add LINKs to a certain account on del.iciu.os in order to have them included on Triumph Herald Tips & Tricks
Unfortunately the specific account used here is private. I will consider to make it public and announce userid and password here.
Before I do so the account has to be stripped for private LINKs not related to this site's context.
For the time being the site owner is the only one who can add pictures to Triumph Herald Tips & Tricks
Use "Comments" to add LINKs and I will see to that they are included on Triumph Herald Tips & Tricks

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