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February 27th 2015.
Since Triumph Herald Tips & Tricks was launched in December 20th 2006 a lot of content has been added.
An average of 2000 unique visitors per month from all over the world is absolutely fine and motivates me to continue the site.
I rarely add content manually but rely almost completely on LINKs and TAGs.
In combination they make it possible for me to add content basically from my Delicious LINK manager account and Flickr.
That said the site could benefit from minor donations, first and foremost to keep it free of advertisements but also to cover management and Wikidot and Flickr expenses1.

This is the place to look for the stuff that's not in the common available workshop manuals2.
A lot of the content is collected from all over the Internet3.

To a start the site is kept updated by me. In the future Herald Tips & Tricks4 might be more of a shared resource among Triumph Herald Enthusiast. Where each of us make contributions. Look in the Support area to see how you add content to the site.

Some of the stuff are partly advertisements. That's inevitable. E.g. the Canley, Bits4Rare and Holden LINKs. Their might be a tendency to use Canley Classics for documentation. Simply because they are easier and more plenty full to LINK.
Such LINKs are NOT tagged "ad".

So in a sense the site is commercial. But me myself does not profit from it at all. Any donations will go to the sites running costs which includes "wikidot" and "flickr"5

Regards Flemming


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