Removing Gearbox

When changing the box this is what I did and it went okay.
Put the car on four axle stands so it is level.
Strip out the frame and tunnel and passenger seat.
Remove the o/d cover plate and disconnect the prop. Slide a trolley jack under the box to support the weight and remove the box mounting bolts, when removed raise the jack so the box/od will just clear as it moves backwards. I then put a metal bar 1/2" square across the chassis rails in the engine bay using a couple of blocks of wood with thin wedges to support the back end of the engine.
Disconnect the slave cylinder and loosen all the bellhousing bolts and then you can slide the box backwards on the trolley jack before rolling it into the passenger footwell.
When ready roll the box back onto the jack and it should be (if your jack doesn't leak) be at the right height to push back in easily. and in best Haynes, reverse the process.
Don't forget to make sure the releaase arm pushrod is sticking out the bellhousing before bolting it all back up!

Mark Astley, 13-Apr-2004, 12:20pm on TSSC

NOTE: When refitting, singel handed: Instead of a trolly jack one can use two long stud bolts. The same as from the rocker cover. Temporarely replace the two studs widdest appart with long ones on the upper part of the backplate. Now it is possible to slide the G/B in place guided by the stud bolts. See picture.

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