Gearbox Noise

You could get some idea of the problem by taking off the top of the gearbox while it is still in the car and seeing how much side-to-side play you can get on the front of the mainshaft relative to the input shaft. Frighteningly there is some visible flex even with a new gearbox, but you can probably feel what is unusual play or wear. You could perhaps compare it to your spare gearbox, although please remember that without the front of the input shaft being restrained by the bush in the middle of the crankshaft and the clutch plate clamped to the flywheel, you will get more flex on the input shaft when it is not connected to the engine.
If you really feel like getting messy fingers, you could try getting your fingers round the mainshaft and seeing if you can detect any movement on the laygear, most likely in the side to side direction, but be careful that there can be sharp edges to gear teeth.

By Chris Taylor, 29-Jul-2007, 06:46pm on TSSC

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