13/60 Overdrives

13/60 overdrive

By : David Rumens, 17-Sep-2004, 06:56pm on TSSC

Overdrive/Gearbox units you can use are as follows:

Spitfire Mk111/IV - Three rail gearbox with D type.
Spitfire 1500 - Single rail gearbox J type.
Dolomite 1500 - Single rail gearbox J type.

But as Colin has said you will also need lots of addtional bits

By : William Davies, 17-Sep-2004, 09:44pm on TSSC

There are a few additions:

Spitfire Mk1-3 use the same gearbox design, 3-rail, 3-synchros with D-type overdrive. The MkIV is virtually identical externally, but has synchromesh on all 4 forward gears. Very late MkIVs were fitted with a J-type overdrive on the 3-rail gearbox. This last configuration is very rare as an original installation, but is an excellent choice if you're lucky enough to find one.

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