Front Wheel Bearing

Hi Graham, Triumph World did an article on renewing front wheel bearings (issue unmber 48, Feb/Mar 2003). If you do not have this magazine, the last part says "Screw on the main hub assembly's retaining nut. It's not desirable - and there's no need - to 'graunch' this tightly against the hub unit. Tighten the nut until it JUST grips the assembly, then back off anti-clockwise until the next available slot in the castellated nut aligns with one of the split pin holes through the stub axle". Hope this is of help Steve

Posted By : Stephen Coates, 10-Aug-2006, 09:41am, on TSSC

but don't tighten too much if there is no free play in the front wheel bearings you will weld them to the stub , nip the nut finger tight and back off 1 flat & insert a new splitpin , the free play is in the manual, allows the bearing to expand as it gets really hot and also allows the disc to push back on the pads a little.
Peter on TSSC

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