SU HS4 Carburettor vs Stromberg 150 CD

Why? SU is no better and no worse than Stromberg 150. The Dolomite1300/Toledo inlet manifold is actually slightly more efficient than the Herald Stromberg one (even if the "rounded" Stromberg one "looks" more streamlined) and takes the HS4 carb, but is hardly worth the effort to get the right needle and air valve spring. A decent tune up of the ignition system will bring bigger benefits than any carb/manifold change.
Only reason for changing would be if your Stromberg is completely sha**ed and the SU is perfect. Still need to get the right needle and spring though.
The Stromberg can still be properly rebuilt so my advice would be to keep it original.

Chris Taylor, 06-Oct-2006, 08:53pm on TSSC

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