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Chris Taylor, 06-Dec-2006, 00:38am on TSSC:

I think you will find the tag on the diaphragm protrudes downwards and fits into a cut-out in the carb body. I don't think there is a recess in the carb top. However, if the diaphragm does not fit correctly into its cut-out, the top cannot fit down correctly on top. Similar arrangement applies to the airvalve joint at the inner edge of the diaphrgam, but this is less critical. It does however have to go the right way round to ensure that the air valve is located the right way round in the carb, with the entry holes in its lower face nearest the inlet manifold. This should place the outer tag in the right place in the body.

Have you fitted new needles? If so, check that the grub screws holding the needles are done up tight and the needles aren't able to move round. I had considerable trouble with a Stromberg with the screw allowing the needle to move slightly, and this affected the way the air valves dropped. Make sure you have a good fit screwdriver, and give it a good tweak. The screw goes into steel rather than alloy, so you can do it up tight; just don't distort the screwdriver slot or you'll never get it undone again!

Chris Taylor, 21-Jul-2006, 11:14am on TSSC

First response is "screw it up tighter", perhaps using a mole wrench to give a bit more of a tweak. Don't overdo it though!
If that doesn't work, you can buy new dampers, though I'd tend to replace them in pairs so you get the same enrichment in both carbs when accelerating.
Other possibilities would include putting some PTFE tape round the threads when fitting the damper (sold for sealing pipe threads for plumbing etc).
Some "goo" like gasket sealant (Blue Hylomar for preference!) might help prevent the damper working loose, as might fitting an O ring under the head of the damper cap. (Don't think you could easily get a shakeproof washer in that size, and thin enough not to affect the dashpot action).
As a last resort something like Loctite thread sealant WOULD stop it, but you'd need to be sure you could get a good grip on the cap so you CAN remove it when YOU want to (when topping up dashpots etc).

Flemming Jensen, 26 september 2007

A recon Stromberg 150CD carburator costs 140 Euro. A service kit costs 30 Euro.
A lot of money to save if you do the reconditioning yourself.
There is a good Haynes manual covering this issue. Haynes Weber/Zenith Stromberg/SU Carburetor Manual
The reconditioning is ideal for a long vinter. This carb has now been reconditioned by the Author
I.e. new jet, new O-rings all over, new gaskets all over, new Diaphragm and new needle valve and washer. Fitted AFTER a complete strip down and cleaning off course.

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