Weber Twin Carb Set Up

I've only ever seen twin Webers on Heralds with 8 port heads, ie the 1296cc and larger engines, or 1147cc units fitted with the rare factory and SAH 8 port heads.
The standard 6 port head on the 1147 I've only ever seen equipped with a single sidedraught Weber. I have a period tubular inlet/exhaust manifold for an 1147 which I'm reliably informed will take a 40DCOE carb, but I've never installed this or checked it out for myself.
I don't know what's currently available for the 1147 - Triumphtune have always produced a number of tuning items related to the former SAH products, but ask around for owners' opinions of specific parts before buying. I don't know what Jigsaw racing have with regard to the 1147 engine, but I would certainly suggest speaking to Mark Field to see what he can offer - 01536 763799.

William Davies, 08-Aug-2003, 11:19am on TSSC

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