Stromberg Float Level

Chris Taylor, 06-Apr-2006, 11:43am on TSSC

DON'T change the float level from what the book says. Recheck, and readjust by all means, but the fuel level is important. Basically it determines the pressure of the fuel in the jet, and has a crucial bearing on mixture strength (in conjunction with the metering needle). (If the level is too low, it is "harder" for fuel to be sucked up out of the jet by the airflow into the engine, hence a weak mixture. If too high, the opposite, a richer mixture. While this can be offset to an extent by the jet adjustment, the position of jet, needle, needle shape and fuel level are all interconnected).

Now the odd mm up or down is no issue (after all the fuel is sloshing around in the float chamber with road movement etc), but the fuel level should be about what the book says. Whether the fuel level setting is high or low won't make a difference on whether or not the float chamber floods and leaks; that's all down to the needle valve.

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