Windscreen Wiper Motor Running Slow

Try lubricating the wheelboxes with a little oil from a can down the sides of the shaft, plenty of grease (ordinary LM is fine) on the cable and check inside the gearbox on the motor, these can dry out and get stiff with age and lack of use. Mind you these old wiper motors were never too strong and probably won't move dry wipers like you would get on a modern car. So long as they work well on a wet screen that's all you really need.

PS before you take the gearbox cover off, scratch a mark on the cover and the domed part that sticks out of it so you can get it back in the same place-the parking mechanism is under here and you REALLY don't want to have to adjust that!

Dan Owen, 04-Sep-2006, 02:42pm on TSSC

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