Volts Stabiliser

From TSSC Forum, by John Davies:

A failed volts stabiliser would stop both water temp and fuel gauges working. That would leave both needles on zero.
Check the Volts stabiliser with a voltmeter. This little tool is invaluable to have for all sorts of problem solving, so invest in one! With the ignition on, measure the volts between the output terminal of the stabiliser and earth. If the stabiliser is the original type, then you will see it vary, from 12V (or thereabouts) to Zero and back again, regularly. This sends an average 10V to the gauges to compensate for the varying volts(10-14V) that the rest of the car 'sees'. A modern solid state stabiliser (a popular modification, M'lud) shows 10V continuous. If you see anything else, the stabiliser is kaput.

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