Intermittent Windscreen Wiper Controllers

………….The wiper motor is held live at all times, when you use the switch, you provide an earth, there for it works as normal. To use one of these, you need to do the following:

Identify the positive wire on the back of the wiper switch

Remove a small section of the insulation & solder on a second piece of suitable wire

One of these goes back to the switch

The other must be connected to earth via the intermittent circuit. This "MUST" be done through a relay though, as the two on the board can't deal with the load.

Your relay will have 4 terminals:
Coil earth (86)
Coil power (85)
((send this into A on the board & Out of C, then onto the relay))
(((This power is NOT the one from the motor which you spilt earlier, it can be any switched 12v, they come from the white wires which go back to the ignition switch))).
Output supply (30) ((the wire that you spilt earlier))
Output (87) ((connect an earth here))

You will also need to use some suitable wire to go between the rotary switch and the board, the distance should be 1 foot. This will allow you to mount the board on the bulkhead behind the dash & the switch on your dashboard.

When mounting the switch, there's a metal tab washer, which limits the switch to the required four positions, don't lose or move this ! If it falls out put it back where is was, it's something like the fourth hole along.

If you need any further info, just ask.

Sam on CT

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