fan motor upgrade

I wanted to upgrade the fan motor in the heater box to a two speed unit. Because a replacement Smith motor is very hard to find. I found two different possibilities. First a unit from a breakersyard that came from a Reliant Scimitar GTE. The second one from a post 1970 Mini. For the Mini motor you need the mounting ring from the Heralds box. The Scimitar motor is a strait fit. The Scimitar motor already had the two speed setting. For the Mini motor you need the two speed electrical resistance setting from a GT6 of TR6. You also need a three way connection switch on the dash.
First you replace the old switch for the new one with one extra lead. The two leads go to the the electrical resistance. The one lead from the resistance goes to the + on the motor in the heaterbox. The - lead is obvious. You have to know that the two speed electrical resistance needs to be isolated from the metal. Job done.

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