Damper Keeps Unscrewing

Chris Taylor, 21-Jul-2006, 11:14am on TSSC

First response is "screw it up tighter", perhaps using a mole wrench to give a bit more of a tweak. Don't overdo it though!
If that doesn't work, you can buy new dampers, though I'd tend to replace them in pairs so you get the same enrichment in both carbs when accelerating.
Other possibilities would include putting some PTFE tape round the threads when fitting the damper (sold for sealing pipe threads for plumbing etc).
Some "goo" like gasket sealant (Blue Hylomar for preference!) might help prevent the damper working loose, as might fitting an O ring under the head of the damper cap. (Don't think you could easily get a shakeproof washer in that size, and thin enough not to affect the dashpot action).
As a last resort something like Loctite thread sealant WOULD stop it, but you'd need to be sure you could get a good grip on the cap so you CAN remove it when YOU want to (when topping up dashpots etc).

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