The 948 and early (to 1964/5?) 1200 water pump housing had no provision for
a temperature sender, that was taken care of by the thermostat housing. The
later pump housing is fatter and includes two bosses which can be drilled.
One of these bosses is for the temperature sender, the other for the water
return pipe on the heated manifold introduced to the 1300 engine (1965).
Initially, only the boss for the sender was drilled for 1200 applications,
but by 1967 both were drilled and tapped, with the unused hole filled by a
blanking plug.

The top mounted sender unit has issues with clearance to the modern waxstat
thermostat design. The original application was designed around the older
bellows type thermostat. Added to which the early thermostat housing has
become fairly scarce, at least if the number of enquiries I get is anything
to go by.

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