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to check the engine temperature.. get a cheap thremometer from your chemist, leave the rad cap half loose and get up the temperature , remove the cap , if the stat in openeiong you will see the ebb and flow of coolant across the rad thro' the filler hole , it will flow , stop, flow stop as the stat modulates
stick the thermometer in the filler and record the readings a std stat should be 82c and you should get close to taht in the filler hole.

did your stat have a jiggle pin in the rim to allow air to escape when filling, if its missing drill a 3 mm hole in the rim , this will not affect any cooling and lets any trapped air out .

in cold weather some mayo in the rocker cover is normal as this is just water condensation emulsified with the oil due to the rocker cover is thin and cooled by the fan air stream., dont take too much notice of this,

grey oil or loss of coolant but no signs of a leak point more to HG problems

Most HG fail due to use of soft washers and low grade nuts relaxing and you loose torque on the nuts.

are your gauges needles quick to move or slow and damped

if they are quick wavy needles then you dont have a voltage stabiliser but you could have the wrong sender
both systems have different senders which cause much frustrations .

GTR108 stabilsed
121997 early non stabilised

just some thoughts Pete

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