Canley Classics About Electric Fans

"Where do most after market electric fans fit on Triumphs?"

Canley Classics about electric fans:

Smack bang in front of the radiator core masking anything up to 30/40% of the core, look how big that motor is, and how much area the fan blades mask when both stationary and when rotating, even the mounting brackets mask parts of the core. If you can't get the fan on the engine side of the radiator sucking warm air through it then take it off and throw it in the bin.

Even we sometimes don't listen to our own advice and quickly learn the lessons all over again.

Many years ago I built John Kipping a Herald that became known universally as the Rally car. It was built initially to recreate the 1959 Trans African Herald prototype proving run immortalised in 'Turn left for Tangiers'.

Built with 1500 running gear and a full width radiator I made the mistake of fitting an electric fan ignoring our own advice. Anyway John and myself set off on the long slog down through Europe to Gibraltar to catch the ferry across to Morocco. As we crossed through Spain and things warmed up it became apparent that engine temperature seemed to be increasingly controlled by the fan cutting in, a worrying sign as we would be crossing the Shara desert in a few days time! Things came to a head in the Atlas Mountains in the Shara, on the climb the fan was working continuously barely stopping us from boiling over, and then to cap it all we lost all the water from the radiator. The fan was of the type that bolts directly through the core and one of those mountings had worn through a tube. The hole was fixed with Araldite (wonderful stuff should be in everyone's toolkit), all our drinking water was put in the radiator, and the fan was thrown at a passing camel!

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