Pistons, Brake Calipers, remove from caliper

When rebuilding brake calipers, manuals say something silly like remove "remove pistons from the caliper" but any that has ever tried it is never that easy especially when the pistons are rusted in. Start with the calipers removed from the car. Screw in one of the bleeders from the other caliper about half way into the hole where the brake hose came out. Use a bicycle pump attached to the loose bleeder and pump it up. Be sure to put a piece of wood or other soft material between pistons as piston can shoot out.
When one piston is out, clean it and put it back into the caliper just far enough to make an air seal. Use a C clamp to hold it in place and pump up caliper again to extract the other piston.
The great thing about my bike pump is it had a feature that clamped the hose to the bleeder; hands free! Also, mine had a built-in pressure gauge. It took between 80 and 100 psi to loosen the frozen pistons.

-John Goethert from GT6 Magazine

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