Radio Installation

By "LIZ & CON OKELLY (User)" on TSSC, Edited by Red.

The original mount, is now hard to source:
Honeybourne do a version:version:

Herald%20radio%20console.jpg but it's a bit steep.

I think Bill at Rarebits4Classics was going to produce one, and I think he sourced the correct aluminium trim, but I can't see anything on his blog. May be worth a call.

Radio fitting is covered in the Courier 233, January 1999 if you happen to have the CD (from the Club Shop, recommended).

Speaker was originally mounted below the radio (that's what the tree screws on the coin tray are for - don't undo them all at once!), but there are speaker holes in the door pressing (cards need cutting). Most mount the speakers under the dash.

I have a DIN radio fitted in an original mount. Just buy a cage and fit it to the mount, with some support at the rear. And a Din connector plug.

As stated, feed should be (?Pink/white) from the Aux terminal on the ignitions switch. This terminal is disconnected when the starter is operated, to avoid nasty spikes getting into the radio from the starter motor.


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